About Us

Dishitha Interiors is responsible for the interior design, decoration, and functionality of a client’s space, whether the space is commercial, industrial, or residential. We are proud of the many years we have pursued this career and the many projects that we have completed for our clients.

As interior designers we work closely with architects and clients to determine the structure of a space, the needs of the occupants, and the style that best suits both. The position is a combination of engineer and artist, and it takes a unique type of mind to handle both of those concepts well.

Interior designers have to be good with more than color, fabric, and furniture; interior designers must know materials, have budgeting skills, communicate well, and oversee the ordering, installation, and maintenance of all objects that define a space. We also have to know about electrical capacity, safety, and construction. This broader range of required knowledge distinguishes us from interior “decorators.”  Read More